The 4" black ( or white ) stained Whistler with an ivory slip. Please add 8" to each dimension on the canvas size to get the

actual framed full sized . ( ie .. canvas size 30" x 30" unframed, becomes 38" x 38" framed. )

Over the years I've used various styles of frames but I find this is the one that suits my work the most. It is simplistic yet stylish complementing without competing with the artwork. .....All paintings will be shipped with a Whistler frame. Should you wish to change the frame I recommend doing so with a local framer, who will be able to advise and offer various styles to fit your taste.



An example of a fitted Whistler frame on a 30" x 24" painting.


James McNeil Whistler (1834 – 1903), an American-born, British-based artist, rebelled against the Victorian fondness for highly ornamented frames, creating a frame style that expressed his personal aesthetic – stark and simple, with alternating panels and rows of reeded lines.  Whistler was a leader in the Aesthetic Movement, promoting “art for art’s sake”.